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UPDATED April 28 2021 per Jeff Heinz


Please do not use the email for customer care requests.  This goes to a different side of customer care and will delay the response time.


Please use email for ALL of your customer care requests (RMA, ETA, etc.), no need to cc other customer care reps on this.  This creates a case in SFDC and Mary Ellen will assign the task to someone on the customer care team to take care of your request.



For extremely critical issues that require additional assistance please send to Mary Ellen Frese at or her cell at 913-424-0409.

                                            Ben VanPelt


  • Training Requests


We appreciate your continued support.


Thank you,


Jeff Heinz                                George Kyriakou                                 Ben VanPelt   

Sales Manager                       Sr. Technical Specialist                      Director Engineering               

Cell - 480.336.0340               Cell - 623.377.4016                             Cell – 480.262.3847

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