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D-Storm 980nm Diode Dental Laser (with b

Light Instruments Ltd. is the world’s leading provider of next generation dental laser equipment for hard and soft tissue treatments. As a pioneer dental laser manufacturer, Light Instruments’ vision is to advance dental care by developing high-end laser systems for better treatment experience for both dentists and patients. Adhering to the global dental trend of minimal invasive dentistry, the company’s Dental Lasers use the layer-by-layer approach, for precise and selective ablation of the infected tissue with maximum preservation of the surrounding area. Causing little-to-no pain, in many of the treatments, our dental lasers require no anesthesia, providing an improved patient experience. Light Instruments aims at making Dental Lasers a standard-of-care, to help eliminate patient’s dental phobia and anxiety and change the way dental treatments are perceived.

Light Instruments’ cutting-edge dental lasers and technologies have already become leading market brands. In 2007, Light Instruments introduced its revolutionary and innovative Laser-in-Handpiece™ technology (LIH™) is part of its flagship LiteTouch™ laser, the world’s most versatile all-tissue Er:YAG dental laser for minimal-invasive dentistry. The D-Storm™ Diode Dental Laser, was uniquely designed for maximum mobility and enhanced cutting capabilities.


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